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Criminal Defence (Private & Legal Aid)

If you have been arrested, charged or think you may be arrested, then I can provide specialist criminal defence advice to defend your position.

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Motoring & Driving Defence

I specialise defending motoring cases, including drink driving, speeding, careless driving or more serious offences.

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Pre-Charge Engagement

If you want to consider ‘pre charge engagement’ for your case, please get in touch as I can help.

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Victim Support – How can I help?

If you want to consider ‘pre charge engagement’ for your case, please get in touch as I can help.

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About Imogen Cox

Imogen is a Solicitor-Advocate specialising in criminal defence and motoring law and takes on a full range of cases privately and under legal aid (where available), from complex drug matters to sexual offences and murder.

Her motoring cases range from complex drink driving matters, up to and including serious and fatal motoring cases in the Magistrates’ and Crown Courts. She has a proven track record for saving clients’ driving licences even in the most complex and challenging cases.

Why Instruct Imogen?

  • Experienced in dealing with local & national press
  • Experienced in dealing with high profile & sensitive cases
  • Known for securing excellent results for clients
  • Reputation for defending serious matters
  • National coverage

Defending Your Corner

Imogen has often appeared on local and national TV and radio as an expert on a variety of matters either as a commentator on court decisions of cases, or subjects such as anonymity in sexual offences, legal aid cuts and other widely reported topics. Her specialism in motoring law led to her addressing the National Conference of Driving Instructors.

Over the years she has represented a number of high profile clients and as a result, is well versed at dealing with the press at both local and national level.

  • Solicitor
  • Higher Court Advocate
  • Criminal Defence & Motoring Law Expert

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