Criminal Defence (Private & Legal Aid)

If you have been arrested, charged or think you may be arrested, then I can provide specialist criminal defence advice to defend your position.

Many clients choose to instruct me for a variety of reasons including a desire to have someone defending their corner who has a vast amount of experience in sucessfully defending cases.

Criminal Defence Advice

I am a highly experienced criminal solicitor with detailed knowledge of the criminal justice system. I specialise in defending criminal cases, including highly technical and complex road traffic cases, as well as serious criminal offences.

As a Solicitor Advocate I can represent people right across the country at Police Stations, Magistrates’ Courts, Crown Courts, and at Appeal Courts such as the Court of Appeal.

Free Initial Telephone Consultation

I understand that you will want to talk to me to find out how I can be of assistance and so I offer a free initial telephone consultation. Please call me on 07710 484 508 or email

Imogen Cox – The Defence Solicitor

I understand that a police investigation or criminal prosecution is always a very worrying and stressful time. With my client care skills and experience, I will support you throughout your matter and work to maximise your chances of achieving the best possible outcome.

I frequently act for individuals who have never faced investigation or prosecution before and understand the additional impact that being involved in the criminal justice process can have upon your personal as well as professional life.

Pre-Charge Advice

I cannot stress more how important it is to get in touch with me as soon as you are aware of any possible charges where at all possible.  It sometimes enables me to make representations at an early stage to try for the best possible outcome for you.

Areas of law:

  • Assault
  • Business Crime
  • Criminal Damage
  • Driving offences
  • Drugs offences
  • Fraud
  • GBH & ABH
  • Harassment
  • Murder and Manslaughter
  • Public Order offences
  • Regulatory Defence
  • Sexual allegations including Rape
  • Theft

You need a solicitor who understands the tactics and strategies that can be used to obtain the best possible outcome. If you want an idea of the range of cases I have worked on you can call me to discuss my cases and profile in more detail.

Police Station Representation

If you are suspected of a crime or if you are asked to attend an interview at a police station, then you should get in touch as soon as possible. This will allow me to assist you in the best possible way and represent your best interests in the interview.

Funding (Private & Legal Aid)

I accept instructions for both privately funded work and legal aid (where available). When working privately, wherever possible I can provide a quotation for a fixed fee. I appreciate that it is easier for you if you can predict what you are likely to be required to pay.

I offer fixed fees for most types of road traffic prosecutions.

Defending Your Corner

It is always advisable to contact me as soon as possible to discuss any criminal charges which may be brought so we can discuss your defence as soon as possible.

I always aim for the best possible outcome for my clients facing any criminal charges from the pre-investigation stage of a charge onwards.

How to Get In Contact

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