Pre-Charge Engagement

Are you on police bail or released under investigation? Were you arrested or spoken to by the police? Were you stressed, nervous, or frightened and are now concerned that you did not put your side of the story across clearly enough?

‘Pre charge engagement’ allows you to work with the police during the investigation stage of the case and ensure that the investigation carried out covers avenues that are important to you and your side of the story.

Free Initial Telephone Consultation

I understand that you will want to talk to me to find out how I can be of assistance and so I offer a free initial telephone consultation. Please call me on 07710 484 508 or email

My 25 years of experience in the world of criminal law means that I can assess your first interview disclosure and answers (even if you were advised not to comment or give a prepared statement, the disclosure by the officer is still really helpful) and advise you how to ensure that the investigation progresses with your interests and any evidence that you may have, all taken into account.

Remember. The role of the police is to investigate. They do not decide guilt or innocence. It may seem like that, but their job is to look at the evidence against you, look at your version of events and consider both sides of the story.

If you want to consider ‘pre charge engagement’ for your case, please get in touch as I can help. The fee for an initial consultation is £450 plus VAT. I can then establish how you could benefit from my involvement with ‘pre charge engagement’ and will then agree a fee with you for each step of the process going forward.

How to Get In Contact

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